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Missions in Pakistan 

Since 1998 SABC has been supporting the following ministries in Pakistan with joined efforts of Faith Bible Church of Pakistan (FBC), established in 1992.

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Mission trip 2023

SABC build the following churches with the collaboration of the local congregation 

It is our great desire to see many Churches planted in different cities and villages of Pakistan. Due to the lack of security in houses, we need to build places of worship. It is necessary to have places of worship where the community can get protection from the Government during the services. Another reason is that the homes aren't big enough to hold larger congregations for the worship service. We hope that we can utilize such places of worship to serve as a place for other community events including weddings and funerals. We are equipping and developing spiritual leadership through teaching seminars and Bible studies. We provide financial assistance to the pastors/evangelists,Church workers, and many other ministries such as: 

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