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Welcome to

(South asian bible church)


Our Story 

SABC Canada was founded in 1998 with a mission to serve the community and spread the word of God. Since then, we have grown into a vibrant and welcoming church family. Our focus is on creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all who wish to join us on their faith journey. Click here to learn more about our history.

Our Pastor 

Pastor Salim, the senior pastor of SABC Canada since 1998, has become a beacon of spiritual guidance and a beloved figure in the community. His unwavering commitment to leadership, coupled with his fervent enthusiasm, resonates with the congregation, inspiring and enriching their spiritual lives. Crafted to engage, uplift, and challenge, his sermons foster a deeper connection with faith. To explore more about Pastor Salim's life, ministry, and mission

Our Mission

Our Faith

Recent Sermons

The Power of Prayer

The Grace of 

The Joy of Giving

Mission statement

Our Mission

Each Church and each Christian man and women, boy and girl has an opportunity to express in words and through works the mission to which our God has called us.

A mission statement describes in simple terms the answer to the question:
"Why does SABC exist?"
The members of the SABC will:
G row in our worship of God;
R ecognize our gifts and use them for His Kingdom;
O ffer love to each other, our neighbors and community;
W itness to and enfold our neighbors and community;


At SABC we believe that God has called us to help people GROW ,
towards God; Through learning from God's Word and by using;
Gifts in His service;
Out to the community;
Worshipping God;


To MAGNIFY God's name;
To fulfill God's great MISSION;
To bring people into the MEMBERSHIP with the family of God;
To disciple God's people towards Spiritual MATURITY;
To demonstrate the love of God in practical ways by doing MINISTRY;

Praying Together

Pray for Jaranwala 

Recently in Jaranwala, Pakistan, a mob, incited by false blasphemy accusations against two Christian brothers, unleashed a horrific 10-hour wave of violence. Over 20 churches were attacked and burned down to ashes and hundreds of Christian homes in various places/ Christain colonies were looted and then destroyed completely by fire, even a Christian graveyard was desecrated. This crisis affected thousands, which highlights the urgent need for ACTION. We ask for your immediate prayers for their safety and financial contributions to help the affected families.

Please become the voice of the voiceless!

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